Earring Pendant Pearl Coral

£ 240

Elevate any ensemble with the minimalist yet majestic Pendant earring. This design incorporates a thin, delicate stem which is tipped with a smaller black bead and a dreamy coloured pearl. A polished jet black ball secures on to the post and can be worn on the front or the back of the lobe.

Nickel free

Pendant / Baby Blue

Pendant / Midnight Blue

Pendant / Natural

Pendant / Vintage Gold

Pendant / Coral

Pendant / Bicolour Coral and Vintage Gold


Depending on your mood, all pairs are interchangeable with each other – wear as a pair, or assymetrically with a short Single earring in one ear and a long Pendant in the other, wear front to back, or back to front…mix it up as you wish!

Out of stock

Out of stock

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